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October 22, 2017
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Become a Casting Calls SuperModel

Casting Calls Sexiest Woman staff

“Yes, trouncing casting calls can be tricky”

Every model shrieks with excitement whenever she gets casting calls from her casting agent saying she’s successfully booked projects or shows off that casting call. Especially if it’s that major casting  call that will change the way her model photos portfolios looks for all future casting calls.

While it’s not brain surgery, it’s not quite as simple as responding to some models wanted ads.

Before landing themselves casting call shows,  projects and more, model casting girls do have to run the gauntlet of the casting process and modeling auditions in general.

But how do some models get call casting jobs so effortlessly? Trust me, no model casting for call casting gets these effortlessly unless you’re Gisele Bündchen or the like, or catch the eye of casting agent geniuses.

So what transpires in the call casting room when the model casting auditions first greet their clients managers, model scouts or designers?

Before going into details of the typical call casting process, here’s a quick checklist on what to actually bring to all modeling auditions, including movie casting calls and reality TV show castings:

Preparing For Call Casting Auditions

  1. Your model photos portfolio & comp card

These are the utmost quintessential tools to bring to your call modeling auditions. It’s like a mortal sin if you forget to bring these.

Your comp card and model photos are what help your client remember how you look and to pre-visualize your experiences as a model casting roles. Without them you can virtually kiss more call casting auditions goodbye.


  1. Some sort of “pass the time” materials

So magazines, digital books, movies or even your school biology book. Bring something to read or  do while awaiting  your turn, which might just take a while.

Especially during fashion weeks, hundreds of hopeful “models wanted” will crowd the casting rooms to try to book as many shows as they can.


  1. Something to munch on

As it is may take some time you might start feeling hungry or faint. Thus bring a little something to munch on, so at least your get your jaw muscles moving and your tummy not rumbling.

We recommend you bring neat snacks like health bars, nibbles, or pastries as long as it’s not greasy and won’t mess up you, your seat or the floor.


  1. A pair of single color bikinis

“Wait, what you say boy?”

Yes, that’s right some skimpy unfussy swimwear or even a lingerie outfit, just in case they want to see how you might handle a slightly more revealing call.


  1. A pair of flat soles

“Say, don’t I need to stomp up heels y’all?”

Yeah –  wear heels at the audition, but also bring a pair of “flatties” to change into after you’re done with the casting. Surely you’d prefer to walk around in far more comfy flats after you’re through with work?


What should models wear to casting calls?

Well even to reality TV show casting, and even to movie casting calls, usually “models wanted” will wear something elegant yet form-fitting. Avoid fancy patterns or vivid colors.

Imaginate a tank top or plain shirt, maybe with skinny jeans or black tights, then full-toed footwear or perhaps a pair of pumps, or similar. Fashionable dress shoes or even boat shoes would be appropriate.

And then ladies no extraneous adornments or accessories! Go for only minimal makeup or fully fresh-faced.

Lose that traffic-stopping vermilion lipstick as it will be an obvious distraction and elsewise a huge no-no.

Now you know what to bring as well as what to wear. So there.


Let’s go into the process details, but before we do that understand that each casting call is decisively different from every other casting call. Most experienced models will agree with that statement.

And then yet all encompass a similar process with some clients adding personal differences here and there. So lets go, shall we?


  1. The locality

The exact address of casting calls localities if you’re unsure where they are, will be given you prior to the actual casting calls dates.

Here’s a great tip: Do some research on the venue a couple of days before casting call date to familiarize yourself as to where it is so you won’t be late. If worst comes to worst, call an Uber taxi to take you there.


  1. Fill in your details

Upon arrival at the venue, trust me when I say there will be dozens and dozens of others there too. Don’t freak out with the numbers – it’s perfectly usual and normal.

It will probably take you a little time to understand what’s going on, but hang together and simply fill in any of your personal details on a clipboard.

Here’s a hot tip when attending a casting with friends or associates from the your same agency. If they’re not available to be with you yet, quietly jot down their names as well.

Why? because you really don’t want them to be caught stuck right at the back of that tremendously long queue, do you?


  1. The anxious wait

Once in, grab yourself a seat as soon as you are able, as it will likely take time before it’s your turn.

Whenever a fresh model enters the casting room, the interview may take up to as long as 20 minutes or more. Later we’ll tell you why .

Now during this time, you may feel bored, isolated and /or hungry. So take advantage of that book you brought along (remember?) and that snack in your bag.

Use this period to escape into your written world, and for some munchy time and the next thing you’ll realize is it’s you that’s up next. You’ll feel like you haven’t needed to wait much at all.


  1. The casting call interview proper

Access your comp card and model photos in full readiness prior entering the room.

Relax your composure and walk in, you will see your model scouts, designers or clients waiting for you.  Greet them as graciously and as friendly as you can.

In all likelihood they will request to view your comp card & model photos portfolio prior to proceeding to other matters. They may or they may not ask you a little about yourself and if they do, just follow their prompts.

They may have a brief casual conversation with you essentially to ascertain that you’re more than just a pretty face so be sure to present yourself as a happy, likable easy going lass. But it’s important to be yourself, they might rail against an obviously fake persona.

Then they would take your physical measurements and for runway events, most likely ask you to demonstrate your walk and a few standard poses,  then take your picture for future reference purposes. Reality TV show casting,  and print ads don’t take as long because there’s less need for the walks and poses, but then again movie casting calls can take longer.

Finally, and again graciously and gratefully shake the hands of the designers, clients or model scouts and leave them be.


5. The life-altering follow-up

Now of course, the super-keen, super-model that you are would be anticipating a reply or at least an update on your casting calls. Constantly “nudge” your agencies for a follow up of your clients.

But be aware that in this industry personnel are pathologically last-minute so prepare yourself for sudden incoming modeling jobs and radical decision changes.


So yes, it’s a long way from answering a models wanted notice, but forever keep in mind; simplicity is the key. Always keep it light and breezy and enjoy yourself.

So whatever, don’t zone out when heading out for those casting calls, because now you have it down pat what to expect from modeling auditions and casting calls._nq

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